How I Help Team Leaders

Stay ontarget

Ongoing support, from someone who has really been there. 

What is Executive Coaching?

"The essence of executive coaching is heping leaders get unstuck from their dilemas, and assisting them to transfer their learning into results for the organisation"  

Mary Beth O'neil

How we do this:

The path to great leadership can be a rocky one, walking a fine line between ensuring the best happens for the company, and yet inspiring and motviating those around you, making the best happens for them.


Our coaching allows the individual to really understand their own personality and leadership style, and yet be pliable enough to be able to recognise what is needed in others.


In progressing through the levels of leadership, whilst they can be applied in a practical way, a good leader will understand that they can only help others once they have worked upon themselves. Our coaching helps enable them to, not only do their job better, but also create a better feeling throughout the team. 

The executive coaching allows the managers / leaders to be able to not only quietly work on their own skills, enhancing their strengths and erradicating weakness, but it also provides a safe and secure environment within which they can express issues and concerns, allowing them to constructively work through their challenges.


If this has rung a bell with you, please contact me to arrange a meeting: