How to handle the monkey on your shoulder


Last week I shared a little insight into the Monkey - that voice on your shoulder repeating everything anyone has ever said to you.

This time I wanted to share some tips and advice on how to handle your Monkey - you will never stop these thoughts completely, but you can manage them and change your thinking. I shared the CYT model, Catch Your Thoughts, in my previous post, which means to take note of what your thoughts are, what they are saying and how they may be hindering you. But can you prevent them from causing problems?


Let me elaborate...

It's about your mindset, about how you manage your thoughts from the past and how you can create them to work for your present - or just let them pass over you. Your mind is such a powerful thing, it can make you feel low for an entire day because your alarm didn't go off, you got out of bed and stubbed your toe, and then had to coax the boiler into life before you could shower and all that took longer than you had hoped...

Your mindset can also help you to overcome obstacles, change the way someone else is feeling and how your own day pans out. Mind mastery is something I cover in my Total Focus workshops, and it is a huge part of helping you to create a space where your Monkey no longer runs your life.

Here are a few of the insider tips I share with my attendees at these workshops.

  • Train your mind to work at its best - help your brain switch into a natural calming response any time, anywhere and tap into amazing abilities you already have. Using proven techniques we can learn faster and solve problems more easily.

  • Rewrite the scripts that your Monkey keeps repeating to you - this can be anything from what you want to achieve that day or how you want to feel. Your brain is not a logical being, it can only believe what it is told, and it will create it. I'll explain how to do this, and why it works, workshop.

  • Look to the present, the now...and use it - It is what is happening right now that is what is important. Being stuck in the past will not help you.

I hope you find these tips helpful, do let me know if you have noticed your Monkey talking and what it may have said to you and how you'd wish to alter it, or for today let wash over you, just today.