Monkeys, what monkeys?

stopping the monkey on your shoulder

Do you have internal conversations, a voice whispering to you undermining your actions telling you you cannot achieve, won't achieve, for whatever reason?

Welcome to your Monkey. Your Monkey repeats these little scripts and you listen and believe.

To overcome this, I have created my own scripts, which, at first may sound unobtainable to many, perhaps even silly to some, but thanks to creating these new scripts, and habitually repeating in my mind, my goals, aspirations, and dreams have become more obtainable.

What are these scripts?

My favourite, and most repeated is: "I will get done what I have to get done by the end of the day" - I repeat this to myself every morning, several times over. It helps me to stay focused, and helps me to know what those important tasks are in the first place.

For you it may be something more simple, such as "I am always on time" but in the end you get to choose your own mantra.

How can we stop our own monkeys?

At first, simply take note of the things you are saying to yourself. We have between 40-60,000 thoughts per day, 90% of which is focused on the past. The past simply cannot be changed!

CYT - Catch Your Thoughts - monitor them and change them into implementable ideas and goals, or just let them float away. Acknowledge them and then move past them.

For example, we may have been told we were not artistic, and guess what - we can't draw now as we probably continue to tell ourselves this. When asked to create something, let the thoughts of the past wash over you and pay attention to the now, as this is the only moment over which we have any control.

What thoughts can you change to help you take that monkey off your shoulder?

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