How do I stay motivated when my spark has dimmed?

As a business owner myself, I know this feeling can hit you like a tonne of bricks. Often times, we can feel motivated, driven and on-track to our goals, and then one (or a few!) things can hit us, and then BAM, your spark has dimmed and you feel you're back in the world of "corporate" life, working a job 9-5.

Perhaps you're noticing you aren't getting to the office or the studio at the early times you used to. You may be noticing the clock as it ticks along towards a time you feel you can finish - and these just aren't what you normally do!

We may feel we're not allowed to say that this week was a down week, but you are not alone. The thing that is most important, is learning how to bring yourself back up to the space you were at before - the buzzing, excited and motivated entrepreneur.

Here are my tips, that I find help me if I feel a low moment coming on.

1. Embrace it. Perhaps it's your body saying "hold on, we've been going at 100mph and a break would be lovely". When was your last evening of just sitting with the family, no phones out and no business on the mind? Perhaps it's been a while since you played golf (other sports are available)? I suggest embracing your moment and go and book yourself some well-deserved me-time.

2. Think about what caused this feeling. Can it be resolved? If it was what someone said, or something you may or may not have done, can you resolve it, to help you feel better instantly? If it was something someone said, can you find a way to share with them what it was that made you feel this way? If so, do it. I am sure they would not have meant to cause this feeling within you. If not, remember that people are human - we all have these moments, and they may too have had a down moment. If it was something work-related, perhaps you let someone down, send them an apology card / letter / flowers, to show them this was a momentary lapse, not only will this help them, it will also make you feel better.