Post Brexit - Newsnight Interview

It's been a long few months for us Brits here, and I have been in the privileged position to be able to be asked to share my thoughts on the subject not only before, but also during and post the Brexit vote. Last night, after a morning interview on the same subject, I received a 6pm phonecall asking if I would like to be a part of a panel on the BBC Newsnight episode later that evening.

The panel had a mix of business and employed people, as well as two retirees, sharing their thoughts on how the process is coming along, and the true reasoning behind the 52% of us who voted to leave the EU. As expected, it was in no way a part of the immigration angle, we had all voted for sovereignty and democracy for the country, and it was wonderful to have, if even for just 10 minutes, a well thought out and encouraging debate on the issues behind the Brexit decision.

I was lucky enough to be asked several questions, as well as share my thoughts with the group. We also heared some poignant stories, similar to my own, of the bullying that occured after we had cast our votes, including the dental nurse who was a Labour party member who had been bullied by the party and others after being vocal about her decision.

I truly enjoy being a part of a panel, on many subjects covering inclusion, collaboration, leadership, IT, tech and motivation, so this was a great way to whet my appetite and I look forward to having the opportunity to attend many more such events.

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