How to make recruitment ads more inclusive

how to make your recruitment ad more inclusive

I recently met an excellent gentleman at a networking event who mentioned his sales role wasn't having any female enquiries. He asked me to take a closer look at the advert and the ad wasn't exactly attractive to the female mindset.

Larger corporations are working hard to build up a more inclusive workforce, to do this, their recruitment processes are going through some major changes. From blind interviews, to CVs without names, companies are working hard to prevent unconscious (and sometimes conscious) bias, from preventing them from hiring the perfect people for the job.

I believe this can often boil down to wording within recruitment advertisements, men and women often have different aspirations, triggers and will be attracted to roles based on different things.

For example, let's take the my conversation above as a case study. His advert focused on largely numbers, commission and self-drive. Excellent for males, as they are often driven by proving their self worth through laborious work, and numbers, backed up by their competitive spirit.

Whilst these skills aren't unique to men, women are often enticed by additional factors, support, the community within the teams, and other less tangible incentives. And so, taking into account these differences, one type of advertisement will tend to attract one gender over the other. This isn't to say women aren't money driven, and that they don't have self-motivation. It just means that there are different aspects to jobs that need to be considered when recruiting a diverse team.

I proposed he create two different adverts to go into different recruitment areas, the more male dominated spaces should receive the male-driven ad, whereas spaces where women dominate (such as social media sites) should receive the other option. When there are spaces that are more neutral, throw in bits from either one, and test!

How are you making sure your recruitment ads and recruitment process are following the legislations for inclusion?

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